Casa Alexssa

Vacation Rental



Two night minimum rental required.  Seven person maximum.  Four rates available:

Summer Rate:

Weekend Rate:  $250 per night (two night minimum)
Weekday Rate: $200 per night (two night minimum)
Weekly Rate:  $900 per week
Monthly Rate: $2500 per month


Weekend Rate:  $175 per night (two night minimum)
Weekday Rate: $150 per night (two night minimum)
Weekly Rate:  $730 per week
Monthly Rate: $1450 per month




Local Beaches









There are many local beaches near Bajamar. In just a 5 minute drive north, you will arrive at the first beach called La Mision Playa. Parking can be found on both sides of the highway and you will continue to find more beaches the further north you go. Many of these beaches even have small fruit stands that vend fresh coconut, mango, and cucumber depending on the season.


Valle de Guadalupe









Just a 30 minute drive from Bajamar you can find one of the largest vineyards in Baja California. There are several different winerys that offer wine tasting at an affordable price.













Located just 30 minutes south of the resort, Ensenada is one of the biggest seaport cities on the peninsula. Ensenada has a lot to offer; from a bustling nightlife, to fantastic seafood dining, all the way to horseback riding and mountain biking.


Puerto Nuevo









If you're a lobster lover, this village near Rosarito is the place for you. It has many little "tienditas", or little shops, that vend homemade trinkets, clothing, and candy. It's great for walking around and enjoying fresh caught lobster.


La Bufadora









­One of the most famous attractions in the Ensenada area is La Bufadora. It is a geyser near the shore that sends huge amounts of water flying into the air, accompanied by a thunderous noise. The area around La Bufadora is populated with many street vendors, making it a great place to bring home some souvenirs.











35 minutes north of the resort, Rosarito is a great tourist attraction. It has many famous beaches that are always well populated with both tourists and locals alike. Rosarito is also home to many golf courses and spas. Rosarito, at least according to my family, has some of the best taco shops in the world at an awesome price. After eating some tacos, you can hit the local Cinepolis for the latest blockbusters at a fraction of the price you would spend in the US.